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Tutorial video for the web app

Thanks to my buddy Rob for making this video showing how to use Competiwatch. ♥

Something not working?

If something isn't working, please open an issue and specify what version of the app you're using and in what operating system.


Will I get banned for using Competiwatch?
I really don't think so. Competiwatch does not hook into Overwatch when it runs. Running the Competiwatch desktop app while you play is akin to running a browser, or Notepad. It's just another program, and it doesn't do anything with Overwatch for you. It's all manual data entry done by you.
Does Competiwatch log my matches for me?
No. You have to manually enter data after your games in order to see trends and other data about your competitive season. You might be interested in OverTrack if you want automated tracking.
How much data do I have to enter when logging matches?

If you choose to log your placement matches individually, the result of the match (win/loss/draw) is required. If you want to skip logging placements and only log your starting SR, that SR is required. For regular matches, only your new SR is required.

All other fields, like the map, heroes you played, and friends you grouped with, are optional. However, if you don't fill in a field, you won't see trends about it. For example, if you never log the map you played on, you won't see a chart of win percentage by map.
Where do I get CSV files to import match data?
If you've been logging your competitive matches in a spreadsheet with a tool like Excel or Google Sheets, you can produce a CSV (comma-separated value) file of the data you've already logged. Then you can import this CSV file into Competiwatch so you don't have to manually re-enter all those matches.
How much does it cost to use Competiwatch?
It's free! 🎉 See the about page for more information, but Competiwatch is my hobby project.