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About Competiwatch

I built Competiwatch because I got tired of tracking my games in Google Sheets each competitive season. I wanted to add a new chart to my usual spreadsheet template and it was a pain because that's the nature of spreadsheets.

Competiwatch started as a web app that I hosted at my own expense. I wanted to use it myself and share it with friends, but I realized others wanted such a tool. Rather than host it forever or start charging users, I opted to rebuild it as a desktop app you run on your computer.


The desktop app was built using Electron, React, Primer, Chart.js, and many other libraries.

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Data logged in the desktop app I do not have access to. Your data is stored on your computer.


The app is a hobby of mine. Stuff may break. It's provided "as is", without warranty, because I hope others will find it useful, but I make no guarantees. See also the source code license.